I design digital products with beautiful and user-friendly interfaces that lead to delightful user experiences.

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I’m a 29-year old portuguese Digital Product Designer.

For the last 10 years I’ve worked with startups, large corporations and agencies helping them shape and deliver their digital products to the world by solving problems through simple and elegant design solutions that result in delightful user experiences. I believe that the smallest design details can make a product unique.

I strive to follow a few main principles in every single project I take:

1 · Learn first

Start by studying which problem we want to solve and why, who are the users and what are their needs.

2 · Be data-driven

Be as much scientific as possible. Get design answers looking at data for functional solutions.

3 · Iterate

Iterate over different design approaches to achieve better solutions.

4 · Support pixels

Ship pixels together with utter specs, guidelines, animations and assets to make developers’ life easier.

Apart from being passionate about nature, a pure travel lover and a drone enthusiast, I love the way how technology can make our lives better. I grew up surrounded by tech and still remember the days when I was just curious about how all those things on the screen would work. I started by drawing, then making the drawings get some life through code. That’s still what happens today - sometimes when not designing I turn pixels into code.

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